TriDri® fitness vest

To be healthy in modern society, you must adapt to the behaviours of an astronaut.  As Tim Peake gets to work, this month we are in the continuous pursuit of fitness clothing to customise.

Not only do you need more protection against sweat, you can also make a great fashion statement. It needs to fit well enough and not be too loose as if adding two extra layers on your body, but also not to tight in which you feel absolutely suffocated.

Performance tees were introduced a couple of years ago and have proved incredibly popular with more and more vibrant colours added.  Cool Wear technology ensures the wearer says cool, dry and comfortable.

Now, there is a new affordable range out for 2016. Go above and beyond in TriDri. Dri-Fast, Move Fast and Cool Fast in the breathable, lightweight and comfortable fitness range for men and women.

The Women’s panelled TriDri® fitness vest is a favourite of ours. According to the latest reports released by Sport England, an increase in the number of women playing sport has driven the uplift in participation figures nationally as of September 2015.